Express Accounting Software


Our Express Account gives you complete access to the best cloud accounting software at no charge.


The ilipa Accounts Express plan is perfect for small fast growing businesses and not for profit organisations. This Express account includes all the platforms features with out limits. After subscribing your plan is automatically upgraded to a paid plan once your revenue reaches $500,000 per annum. 


Unlimited Users Unlimited Employees Unlimited Transactions Unlimited Storage    
Software Updates Dataset Access Multi-Currency Multi-Language
Multi-Company  Recurring Transactions Financial Reports Mobile Device Access
Automated Backups Reconciliation Payment File Export Data Import Tools

Credit Card Required


How do I trial the software?


Simply contact an ilipa accounts Platinum or Silver Partner to enable you to sign up to the Express plan. If your companies revenue is less than $500,000 you can use the system for as ong as your business operates below the threshhold. If your companies revenue already exceeds $500,000 you will have 30 days full use of the platforms features before being upgraded to the Professional Plan. If you elect not to activate the subscription within your trial period your account will automatically suspended and no new transactions will be recorded at the end of your trial.


Can I upgrade my plan?


All the ilipa accounts plans are linked to your companies revenue. All the features are the same regardless of your companies size, however, there is no way to downgrade your plan once the revenue triggers are reached.